About Bitcoiners Anonymous


The goal of Bitcoiners Anonymous is to create an “encyclopedia” of prominent people and their involvement with bitcoin.

If you know someone we should feature on this site, please submit here or reach out on twitter.

Why build it?

Bitcoin is quietly being adopted by the brightest minds on our planet. We wanted to showcase the incredibly diverse and high caliber group of supporters.

Also, selfishly, we were sick of getting dismissed as the “crazy bitcoin guy.”

It’s easy to dismiss passionate Bitcoiners raving about monetary economics and anti-fragile systems. It’s much harder to dismiss bold claims about bitcoin coming from other “successful people.”

In other words, we’re using humanity’s predisposition towards “appealing to authority” to our advantage 😉

Don’t take my word for it, go to BitcoinersAnonymous.com and see what Peter Thiel thinks about bitcoin. 

Where to buy Bitcoin?

There are many places to buy Bitcoin, however here’s a list of the best places to buy bitcoin online according to the team here at Bitcoiners Anonymous.

Stay humble, stack sats.

Bitcoiners Anonymous


PS: Find us on twitter @BitcoinersAnon.

Tag us when someone “prominent” falls down the rabbit hole. Tag us when you see a bullish quote. We’ll be publishing new profiles and expanding on the existing database.