Ben Aksren, MMA Fighter and Olympian


Ben Askren is a UFC Fighter, retired professional mixed martial artist and former Olympic wrestler. Ben was an assistant wrestling coach at Arizona State University and collegiate wrestler at Missouri University. Askren has won two NCAA championships finishing with a record of 153-8

Ben competed in the 2008 Olympics. He is married and has 3 Children. He currently enjoys Disc Golf and hosting podcasts

Twitter: @Benaskren


Ben Askren Bitcoin Quotes

  • “I love the freedom that Bitcoin gives us” [source]
  • ‘Every single thing that gold did. Bitcoin has the same aspects, just better. I mean you talk about how there’s not a high quantity, right? There’s only 21 million Bitcoin ever. Probably less cause a whole bunch were lost. Gold has a limited source of it, but you know, it is ever expanding. So it’s probably not as limited as as they once thought it to be. So I think everything gold does, Bitcoin does better. Gold was valuable because gold was gold. People deemed to be value. Bitcoin be the same way. It’s going to have value on a standalone value on its own because it has those immutable properties.’ [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Ben has publicly supported Bitcoin via his Twitter @Benaskren and on podcasts in recent years



Media Sources

  • Stephan Livera & Ben Askren [source]
  • Off The Chain Ben Askren & Anthony Pompliono [source]

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