Catherine Wood, CEO of Ark Invest


Catherine D Wood is the current CEO and CIO of Ark Investment Management. ARK focuses mostly on disruptive technology and is publicly traded as ticker ARKK on the New York Stock Exchange. 

Prior to ARK, Catherine managed over $5 Billion dollars as the CIO of Global Thematic Strategies at AllianceBernstein

Catherine graduated summa cum laude from the University of Southern California in 1981

Twitter: @CathieDWood


Catherine Woods Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Bitcoin is a bigger idea than Apple, which is a pretty big idea” December 2017  [source]
  • “We Believe that Bitcoin is the reserve currency of the crypto asset ecosystem. It’s the most battle-tested of all the crypto assets out there. In the 10 years it has been in existence, the underlying bitcoin technology, blockchain, has not been hacked. The hacks you hear about are the software applications on top of the base layer, and thats where the hacks take place when wallets are hot. Most people should put their bitcoin into cold storage to prevent hacks” April 2019 [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Catherine is the CEO of Ark Investments, managing multi million dollars worth of investments. She has publicly stated her interest and likeliness to Bitcoin exposure.


Media Sources

  • Cathie Woods on Off The Chain Podcast: February 2019 [source]
  • Steve Forbes interviews Cathie Woods: January 2016 [source]
  • Cathie Woods on CNBC: December 2018 [source]

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