Michelle Phan, Youtube Celebrity


Michelle Phan is an American artist, entrepreneur, and voice actress. She is most famous as a YouTube personality with over a billion total views.

Michelle was born in Boston, and later moved to Florida.

She recently returned to YouTube after taking a break from posting content.

Michelle is suspected of having a Net Worth close to 1 billion

Twitter: @MichellePhan


Michelle Phan Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Bitcoin was created with the intent to create a better money than what we have today. The monetary theory behind BTC is what makes it valuable. Learn about what money is and you’ll understand why Bitcoin is important. Good luck Hodlers” [source]
  • “Bitcoin is the true money. The truest money that we should have had since the beginning of time” [source]
  • “Bitcoin isn’t an investment. It’s a reserve. The best savings technology that will protect your purchasing power during a financial crisis. When monetary freedom takes hit, Bitcoin becomes a lifeline” [source]
  • “10 years ago, I was ridiculed for quitting my job to pursue my YouTub channel. Noone saw the potential in the platform like I did. Years later, I was ridiculed again for investing in BTC” [source]
  • “It’s probably the most important investment you can ever make in your life,”
  • “This is why bitcoin and crypto and decentralization is the next wave. It’s the most important evolution of the internet,” [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Michelle has over 900,000 Twitter followers and has publicly supporter Bitcoin


Media Sources

  • Former Giant YouTuber Michelle Phan is now a Bitcoin Evangelist [source]
  • Why Bitcoin? And building a 1B dollar business [source]

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