Mike Crapo, Senate Banking Committee


Mike Crapo is an American politician service as the Senator of Idaho. He was previously serving as the US Representative for Idaho’s 2nd congressional district. Mike Crapo became the first Mormon to represent Idaho in the United States

Crapo earned is BA in political science from BYU and his JD from Harvard Law School. He is married and has 5 children.

Twitter: @MikeCrapo


Mike Crapo Bitcoin Quotes

  • “If the United States were to decide, and I’m not saying that it should. That we don’t want cryptocurrency to happen in the United States and tried to ban it, I’m pretty confident we couldn’t succeed in doing that because this is a global innovation” [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Mike Crapo is a US Senator who has made public comments on Bitcoins ability to not be shut down or controlled by central authorities.





Media Sources

  • US Lawmakers are realizing they can’t ban bitcoin [source]
  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Hearing [source]
  • Mike Crapo Testimony during Libra hearing [source]
  • Statement by Senator Mike Crapo on Virtual Currencies to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on 2/6/2018 [source]

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