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Naval Ravikant is an American Entrepreneur of Indian descent, Angel Investor, Founder, and CEO. He’s best known as the Founder of AngelList. Naval also founded which was acquired and later IPO as Naval is an angel investor in many companies including Twitter, Uber, Wish, Thumbtack, Postmates, Kraken, Yammer, Stack Overflow and OpenDoor.

Known for his insightful commentary on entrepreneurship, investing, and practical wisdom. 

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Naval Ravikant Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Bitcoin is aiming to be a store of value. Architectural stability, network security, network effects, decentralization, wide acceptance all matter. It’s currently the best of an imperfect bunch on those characteristics.” [source]
  • “It can’t be broken by any of them. It’s cryptographically too strong. You would have to compromise the entire network to take over Bitcoin” [source]
  • “Within my social circle, there is a large group of people who will take bitcoin as legal tender; like, you can go to them and settle debts in Bitcoin, and they will happily take it.” [source]
  • “Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are already trustless – any machine can accept it from any other, securely. They are (nearly) free. They are global – no central bank required, and any machine can speak the language.  [source]
  • “We can code wills, escrows, trusts, notaries, revocable charge backs, proof of contracts, intellectual property enforcement. What Wall Street does can be done in code by Bitcoin.” [source]
  • “Money is a bubble that never pops. It’s a consensus hallucination.” [source]
  • “Just as the web democratized publishing and development, Bitcoin can democratize building new financial services. Contracts can be entered into, verified, and enforced completely electronically, using any third-party that you care to trust, or by the code itself.” [source]
  • “While the traditional banks and credit card companies lock down access to their payments infrastructure to a handful of trusted parties, Bitcoin is open to all.” [source]
  • “Cryptocurrencies will create a fifth protocol layer powering the next generation of the Internet.” [source]
  • “I think long-term, Bitcoin is a currency of the Internet. So, even if humans don’t use it, routers will use it. Web browsers will use it. Web servers will use it.” [source]
  • “It’s probably easier and cheaper to counterfeit hundred-dollar bills than it is to counterfeit Bitcoin.” [source]
  • “The ledger, the distributed database – it’s called a Blockchain – is held in the cloud by all the parties involved. It can’t be broken by any of them. It’s cryptographically too strong. You would have to compromise the entire network to take over Bitcoin.” [source]
  • “It’s important not to think about Bitcoin as a replacement for cash or gold or something that works alongside that; it’s to think of it as programmable money. And we just cannot even imagine what that will be used for.” [source]
  • “Think of Bitcoin as a bank account in the cloud, and it’s completely decentralized: not the Swiss government, not the American government. It’s all the participants in the network enforcing.” [source]
  • “Bitcoin essentially says that money and speech are the same thing” [source]


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Media Sources

  • A Conversation with Naval Ravikant and Ryan Shea | Blockstack Summit 2017 [source]
  • Tim Ferris Show with Nick Szabo and Naval Ravikant [source]
  • Venture Stories Podcast with Naval Ravikant and Balaji Srinivasan [source]
  • Naval talks about Bitcoin on Periscope [source]
  • Fireside Chat: Nassim Nicholas Taleb & Naval Ravikant [source]
  • Unchained Podcast with Naval Ravikant [source]
  • Interview on the Glenn Beck Program in 2015 [source]

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