Paul Bucheit, Creator of Gmail


Paul Buchheit is an American computer engineer and entrepreneur. He’s most well known for going the 23rd employee at Google, where he then created Gmail and the first Google Adsense prototype. After leaving Google he co-founded Friendfeed, which was acquired by Facebook in 2009. After Facebook, he joined Y Combinator as a partner.

Currently he oversees his own angel investments in “about 40 startups” and stays active with Y Combinator 

Twitter: @Paultoo


Paul Bucheit Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of Money” [source]
  • (When asked about technologies he’s most excited about) “The closest thing I can think of is Bitcoin and crypto. I’m pretty sure they would have captured the attention of 21 year old me.” [source
  • “Cultures that don’t laugh at themselves are cults.” [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • TBD


Media Sources

  • Triplebyte Interview 2018 [source]
  • Y Combinator message board discussion in 2014 where Paul hypothesizes about bitcoin miners as “natural sellers” and much more [source]

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