Reid Hoffman, Co-founder and Chairman of Linkedin


Reid Hoffman is the co-founder and chairman of LinkedIn.Currently he is an active partner at Greylock Partners and has an estimated Net Worth of 1.9 Billion. 

Hoffman received his Bachelors of Science from Stanford University in 1990. He then went on to get Master Studies from Wolfson College, Oxford University in 1993.

Hoffman was a Board of Director in the early days of Paypal, eventually becoming the Chief Operating Officer for some time.

Twitter: @reidhoffman


Reid Hoffman Bitcoin Quotes

  • “I think its an incredible system.thats created a ledger that is across the whole world for it can be money but it can also be other things” 2014 [source]
  • “Bitcoin is my five year investment plan.” 2014 [source]
  • “One, it’s an asset like digital gold 2.0. Two, it’s a currency in as much a currency is like the digital app that allows your to transact and trade. And three, its also a platform where you can build financial and other products on top of it” 2015 [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Reid Hoffman has invested in several Bitcoin companies including Xapo, Blockstream, and others. He recently funded a “Bitcoin Rap Battle” video: [source]


Media Sources

  • Why Billionaire Reid Hoffman is betting big on Bitcoin: 2015 [source]
  • The technology that Reid Hoffman thinks will take over our financial future. 2015 [source]
  • Bitcoin, the new internet. 2018 [source]
  • Bitcoin Rap Battle. 2019 [source]

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