Russell Okung, NFL Player


Russell Okung is the starting Left Tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, NFL Football team. Russell is a philanthropist, entrepreneur and super bowl champion. He’s also on the Executive Committee for the NFL Players Association.

Russell was born to Nigerian immigrants Victor Okung and Dorothy Akpabio. He earned the nickname “Big Daddy” when his father passed in 1992, because he took on the role of man of the house — determined to work hard for his family, and for his future.

He started a Bitcoin Company called “Bitcoin Is” that hosts events to help new people learn about Bitcoin. 

Twitter: @RussellOkung


Russell Okung Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Pay me in bitcoin” [source]
  • “As Bitcoin network grows the value of Bitcoin grows. As people move into Bitcoin for payments and receipts they stop using US dollars and Chinese Yuan which in the long-term devalues these currencies.” [source]
  • “You can be free if you choose to take the reins of all matters pertaining to your life. Protect your liberty or lose it.” [source]
  • “I’m playing my role in raising awareness, shamelessly encouraging professional athletes to embrace Bitcoin.” [source]
  • “Bitcoin is one of the few financial assets that offers sanctuary from a global recession, when it arrives.” [source]
  • “There are real issues that we can solve and the more people that get into this the better it is. It’s money for the people.” [source]
  • “When someone asks me ‘What is Bitcoin?’ I always answer ‘What is freedom?’ [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Started a Bitcoin company called “Bitcoin Is” whose mission is mainstream adoption for Bitcoin. They host events around the world educating newcomers to Bitcoin. [source
  • Russell is trying to get the NFL to pay his salary in Bitcoin [source]
  • Recently Russel raised money for BTC Pay server through the NFL program “My Cause My Cleats” [source]


Media Sources

  • Coin Desk 2019, What Bitcoin means for Athletes [source]
  • What Bitcoin Did podcast 2019 with Russel Okung [source]
  • Bitcoin Magazine 2019, Russell Okung Won’t Stop Until He’s Paid in Bitcoin [source]

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