Warren Davidson, US Congressman from Ohio


Warren Davidson is and American from Ohio. He is a member of the United State House of Representative from Ohio’s 8th congressional district as a Republican.

Warren attended the United States Military Academy. He completed is MBS from Notre Dame University.

Warren is also a member of the Financial Services Committee. 

Twitter: @WarrenDavidson


Warren Davidson Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Capital had left the United State for other pastures” [source]
  • “There is Bitcoin and then there is shitcoin” [source]
  • “Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is, you can’t serve Satoshi papers. There’s no headquarters to subpoena.” [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • He is known as a Bitcoin advocate and supporter. He has shown his support both on the floor and externally outside of the House. He is largely remembered for addressing the difference between “Bitcoin” and a “shitcoin” during the Libra hearing. [source]
  • Warren is working on the “Token Taxonomy Act” to give investors a better understanding of the regulation around digital assets including Bitcoin [source]


Media Sources

  • Warren Davidson with CNBC 2019 [source]
  • Noded Podcast 2019 with Warren Davidson [source]

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