Wences Cesares, CEO of Xapo


Wences Casares is an entrepreneur and investor from Argentina. Wences is the CEO of Xapo, a Bitcoin wallet provider. Previously he founded Internet Argentina, Wanako Games, Patagon, Lemon Wallet, and Banco Lemon.

Wences is an active board member of PayPal, Endeavor, and Coin Center. Wences has many Philanthropic ventures and is an elected member of the Worlds Economic Forum.

Wences is suspected to be the first to convince Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, and other Silicon Valley investors to buy Bitcoin.

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Wences Casares Bitcoin Quotes

  • “Its irresponsible for investors to not have Bitcoin exposure” [source]
  • “I can imagine a world in which Bitcoin becomes the world global reserve currency” [source]
  • “If Bitcoin does success. 1 Bitcoin might be worth more than 1 million dollars in 7 to 10 years” [source]


Involvement with Bitcoin

  • Wences is the CEO of Xapo, a Bitcoin Wallet provider [source]


Media Sources

  • Unchained Podcast: How Bitcoin can make a fairer world [source]
  • Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO, interview Wences [source]
  • The New Gold Standard [source]
  • Betting on Bitcoin in a big way [source]
  • Bitcoin will be bigger than the internet [source]

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